Contests Dirty Dogg May 16, 2020 Rules

Contests Dirty Dogg May 16, 2020 Rules

The following are the material terms of the contest being held at Dirty Dog Scottsdale, Az 

Eligibility Restrictions Age: 18 or older

Promotion:  giveaway $1000.00 cash, the winner can use the money for bills or any other purpose fro personal reasons.The prize will awarded, based upon chance.

The public will place their had written coupon in a box on May,16, 2020 between 5pm to 9pm. The entry coupon will only be accepted at the Dirty Dogg on May 16, 2020 5pm to 9pm and at no other time, and no other location. 

One winner and one winner only will be selected from the box of filled out coupons. 

To be eligible  each person must fill out one coupon, and must enter his or her name on the coupon (only one coupon per person). 

Winner must be present to win, we will call a name at 9pm and the if the winner is not present that coupon will be disqualified and we will select another coupon. 

The public drawing will occur at 9PM and the name on the coupon will be announced immediately upon selecting the one coupon from the box, and the winner will receive the $1000.00 immediately after he drawing. This will be random public drawing at the Dirty Dogg Scottsdale, Az on May 16, 2020